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It is a well-known fact that some species of fish can fly. But have you ever seen a flying shark? Impossible?

Well, just imagine a shark with its amazing aerodynamic shape, add a pair of wings and the power driving the shark forward, and the impossible idea starts changing into an interesting vision. For sure, you are very likely to say: “Well, this could look good!”

Let us assume that you are a pilot or would like to become one. When you are choosing your new airplane, you are taking the same steps as with choosing your new car. A good car must be comfortable, powerful and safe. High safety standards of traveling are required so that you can always rely on your car taking you and your friends to your destination. Last but not least, you want your car to look good – better than its peers, of course!

So in case you are choosing a new airplane, do not forget Shark. The brand new Shark is able to fulfill all your requirements. What is more, it really looks good. We have spent a lot of time working on its design. We think our inspiration derived from the sea predator is visible. Our priority is always focused on maximizing the manufacturing precision of our full composite airplane structure.

The Shark is powerful enough. Its two Lycoming engines provide sufficient power and guarantee safe flying.

The comfortable and spacious cockpit allows you and your friends to enjoy a great degree of comfort during flight. The unexpectedly large luggage space enables you to take with you all you need for any occasion such as holidays, etc.

Furthermore each Shark is manufactured in accordance with its future owner’s ideas. All your requirements and ideas will be included in your model and fulfilled to the greatest possible extent.